About US

Hami Saathi is a group of people of Nepali community who are settled in India. This community is currently scattered and this group intends to unite them.

The group's activities shall be planned/organized by a sub-group labeled Managing Council.

It aims to promote goodwill and cooperation amongst members, preserve culture and traditions, to voice aspirations whenever necessary, Hami saathi shall organize interactive sessions. It will encourage and motivate the children of members and help the people in distress.

It will encourage meritorious children and help them in sharpening their skills by providing scholarships. Hami saathi also intends to encourage children who have special interest in the field of sports, dramas, paintings, music like creative fields.

It is stated that Hami saathi is a purely non-political, non-communal, non-economic, social welfare group. Hami saathi will be directed to educational, social and charitable progrmme. It shall foster cordial relations amongst members. It shall demonstrate the effectiveness of such organization in the community they live in by organizing recreational, educational and meditational events for members to rejuvenate them with energy and freshness.

Hami saathi through meetings/interactions shall provide information and moral support to members. It will encourage sharing of experiences and expertise and views of members by organizing events/activities where everybody gets equal opportunity.

Hami saathi will act as a catalyst to promote and maintain the interest and welfare of the Community. It will bring peacefull co-existance.

Hami saathi visions to empower the community members to preserve their cultural values and traditions. It shall strive its members to achieve their full potential and integrate into the mainstream society.