HamiSaathi: Member of the Month



Mr. & Mrs. kunwar
Member of the Month: aug-2013
Place: New Delhi

Our parents started a new life all by themselves in New Delhi in 1969. It was sheer grit and determination guided by family values, and lots of love that they raised us. My mother was a devoted home maker, she anchored us all as a family. My father was a hard working, dedicated family man with a single mindedness to provide us a good education and a stable foundation to built our future on. Our parents never forced anything on us, we followed our hearts and they inspired us to work hard with honesty.

I sometimes wonder how difficult life would have been in Delhi in late 70’s, and early 80s, had it not been my loving parents providing protection and stability in our life. There was too much chaos and uncertainty around, a long emergency just ended at the beginning of the year. Too much turmoil in the political landscape in New Delhi, It is easy to lose focus when there is so much uncertainty around you. My parents kept their focus and raised us by providing good education. We were their highest priority. We 3 sons owe everything we have achieved to our parents.

My parents were the architects of our early foundational years. My mother used to dress us up nicely in neat uniform, and pack us lunch that was delicious. I felt motivated to excel in the class. I vividly remember when my father used to take me, and my kid brother to school in his bicycle. We used to snuggle around him like babies in comfort. He used to introduce me to his office colleagues with a pride that always made me hungry to do more, and make him even more proud. His colleagues always showed respect to him, and that to me is the right yardstick to measure your life by. People around you respecting you, and helping you achieve success in life.

Today, my parents are spending quality time together, after my father retired from his 37 years of government service. All three of us have finished our Masters degree in technology. Two of us are working abroad here in USA. My parents, my middle brother, sister in law, and my wonder-kid niece are staying together in our house in Delhi. Youngest brother is an eligible bachelor, a talented engineer in a software technology startup in the warm and cozy California beach side close to Los Angeles, USA.

Our parents gave us good values, a quality education and a comfortable life so that we could progress in life. I shall always cherish and remain indebted to my parents for raising us well. I also owe it to people who supported me, and my family, while we were growing up and I am always looking for opportunities to make it better for everyone. Let’s stay together and keep striving for excellence in whatever we are doing, and never stay satisfied with the status quo. I am sure my parents will be proud of me if I could do that, and that to me is the greatest tribute I can pay to my loving parents.

Written by Raj Bahadur (Eldest Son) MBA from University of Chicago PHD in Mechanical Engineering, Electronics Packaging from University of Maryland College Park MS from Binghamton University BE-Mechanical Engineering from Indian Institute Technology, Roorkee


Mr. Bhuvanand Khanal
Place : Delhi

Shri Bhuvanand moved to India in 1979 from his native village in Argakhachi District. After much initial struggles and hardships he began working as central government employee in Delhi from 1984 in its guest house services and was given a role in kitchen. He pursued his work earnestly and emerged to be one of the best in his line of occupation.

His dedication for his work and steadfast consequences won him the admiration of fellow colleagues, professors and others in the campus alike. Slowly he advanced into the networks associated with catering and service sector. His constant persuasion of his goal helped him establish a unique identity for himself and that has now borne pleasant fruits. As result of his diligence he is now a well respect person and runs a small group for catering and services
Along with his devoted wife Smt. Kaveri Khanal, an son working with an MNC in gurgaon and a daughter who is persuing doctorate in philospy in environment management from Nottingham, UK. Bhuvanand and Kaveri bestowed their own characteristics to their children by providing them with good education and values. Their constant encouragement has a pivotal role in shaping a meaningful future for both of their kids, for which they remains indebted. Today he is a delighted father who recently got his son married and now has an affectionate and thriving extended family to look up to.